Help local charities using the BetterPoints app

25 February 2021

How your BetterPoints can support these eight local causes

During these uncertain and challenging times, donations from BetterPoints users are hugely important for charities. 

As a participant of the Move for Change challenge, you can now donate your BetterPoints earned to one or more of these local charities:

Tap the links below for more information on these fantastic initiatives

How can I donate my BetterPoints?

  1. Track your sustainable and active travel journeys around Brighton & Hove
  2. Collect your BetterPoints
  3. Select ‘donate’ and choose the cause you would like to contribute towards and the amount of BetterPoints.

Can I donate my BetterPoints to other local charities?

To support local charities which aren't currently listed on the app, let us know and we will aim to set them up. To get in touch, select the hamburger menu in the top left-hand corner of the app, select 'Help' from the list of options, then the speech bubble in the top right-hand corner, where you can write us a message.