It’s been the motivation I needed to start walking again

15 October 2021

BetterPoints user Charlotte tells us her story

Charlotte was introduced to BetterPoints through her workplace, Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital, as part of their efforts to promote green travel amongst staff. Although a sustainable travel convert already, taking part in the Move for Change challenge has been the catalyst for Charlotte to ‘step-up’ for her commute. Here is what she had to say.

What were your travel habits like before you discovered BetterPoints?

“I moved to Brighton nearly 8 years ago having spent most of my working life in South and East Africa. There was no public transport there, so I was faced with a long, daily commute by car.

I always thought to myself, if I ever move somewhere with a good bus and train service, I’ll choose not to buy a car to reduce my carbon footprint. So, when I relocated to the UK I did just that. I commute every day by bus from Southwick to Woodingdean.

When I heard about BetterPoints through work I downloaded it straight away. I was excited by the idea of being rewarded for my green travel credentials.”

What do you like about the BetterPoints app? What have you gained from using it?

“I enjoy how very easy it is to use and accumulate points. I have managed to earn 3,000 points in just over a month.

It provides that personal challenge to see how many points you can get, and work towards having enough to redeem for a voucher; I’m regularly checking the weekly prize draw to see if my name is amongst the winners!"

How has the BetterPoints app changed your travel habits, if at all?

“The app has been the motivation I needed to start walking again. Whereas before I would take the bus from door to door, I am now getting off four stops earlier on the journey home, which gives me a 25-minute walk every day. It has become a daily habit.

Even though I haven’t drastically changed my commute, I feel it is making a difference.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

“Having lived in a country without a good public transport network, I can appreciate how good we have it here. We all need to be using it more as part of efforts to ‘go green’.

I think the app is a brilliant support for this, as people will keep using cars unless there’s a motivation to change. The positive reinforcement it offers is much better than being told ‘you shouldn’t do this, you can’t do that’.”

A big thanks to Charlotte for sharing her story with the BetterPoints community. More inspiring user stories will be coming your way over the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for updates in your app timeline.