Trade BetterPoints for great local discounts

26 February 2021

Get a tasty discount at these local businesses

As part of Move for Change we will bring you lots of great local offers and discounts to reward you for your active and sustainable travel. 

In exchange for 50 BetterPoints, you can currently receive:

Tap the links below for more information on what these retailers have to offer and the discount T&Cs.

For 350 BetterPoints, you can get:

For 500 BetterPoints, you can get:

For 700 BetterPoints, you can get:

How do I claim my discount?

Visit the 'redeem' section of your BetterPoints app where you will find the vouchers alongside other great offers. Redeem your voucher in store or online.

If you are a local business in Brighton & Hove tap here to read more about how we can support you with the Move for Change challenge.