Walking provided routine when I didn’t have one

14 June 2021

University student Laura was chosen as the ‘Most Active Walker’ prize winner, part of our National Walking Month challenge. She received a Brighton Fringe Silver Membership as a reward for her active travel exploits. Here she tells us about her new-found walking habit and how the BetterPoints app has provided the motivation to keep strolling following lockdown.

Why do you choose to walk around Brighton & Hove?

“It affords me time to relax, to get some fresh air and feel like I am being active.

I started walking a lot during lockdown as I realised that I needed to do something for my mental and physical health. I wasn’t going into campus so I would be stuck at home all day. I needed a reason to get out the house. Daily walks provided me with a valuable routine when I didn’t have one.

This was around the time that I came across the BetterPoints app. I was passing Infinity Foods and a friend noticed the Move for Change poster in the window. I was attracted by the idea of earning points for my walks and to be able to spend them at local, independent stores where, as a student, I wouldn’t normally choose to shop.”

Has the BetterPoints app influenced your travel habits in any way? What do you like about it?

“It has encouraged me to keep going with my walking rather than return to using public transport or catching a taxi. It can be easy to let go of good habits, so the challenge has helped me to maintain it and even walk more often at times.

I will currently walk to the shops, to the beach or over to Hove with friends. Sometimes I will walk a longer, more scenic route into town for the enjoyment of it.

It is also nice to be recognised for your actions. Receiving points or tickets is like getting a little ‘well done’ for taking a positive decision. Little things like that feel really important right now.

I have loved earning all the different medals during National Walking Month too. I achieved the One Hundred Mile Medal, a distance I never thought would be possible a few months ago.”

What does it mean to have won a membership prize from Brighton Fringe?

“It is so cool! I have seen Brighton Fringe Festival being set up in previous years and always wanted to go. I’m really looking forward to seeing some shows and I’ve got my housemates lined-up to join me.

My friend has won a points prize too, so it proves that BetterPoints is an app where you can actually win things whilst being good for the planet.

I am really glad to have passed Infinity Foods that one time!”

A big thanks to Laura for sharing her story with the BetterPoints community, and to Brighton Fringe for the prize. More exciting challenges and prizes will be coming your way soon. Keep your eyes peeled for updates in your app timeline. 

I am not signed up to BetterPoints... how do I join?

  1. Download the BetterPoints app for free from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Fill in the registration form and then join the 'Move for Change' challenge from the invitation in your app timeline.
  3. Complete the survey in your app timeline to unlock your rewards.

For more information about how to take part, tap or click here.