July's Ditch the Car Star: Cheryl

Cheryl is a tattoo artist who owns Inky Swallows Tattoo in Hove. She used BetterPoints as a catalyst to get active and relearn old skills having just sold her car.


“I saw the app on a bus stop digital advert at first, and I’d just sold my beloved Mini. I wanted to be more environmentally-friendly, fitter and the car was a huge expense. I’d been driving for nearly 30 years, and to not have a car was really scary, but it’s been good!  Being a tattooist is quite a sedentary job, and now I’ve turned 50 I thought it was time to ditch the car and get fitter. I’ve been walking loads more and getting public transport has been pretty quick too from door to door.”
I also rode a bike again for the first time in 35 years recently which was also scary! I wanted to improve my fitness and having got rid of the car, if I wanted to go longer distances I can be there a bit quicker than walking. I’m still working on it and still learning and improving. I’m not overly confident on busy roads yet but luckily there’s loads of cycle routes in Brighton and Hove. I can commute on cycle routes from where I live near The Level, down to the seafront, then all the way along there to where I work.”
“I’ve noticed a huge difference in my fitness levels. There’s a hill I walk up most days and for the first couple of months I’d be cursing it as I approached and be out of breath at the top. However, now my legs aren’t tired, I get up the hill quicker and I’ve got calf muscles I’ve never had before from all the walking and cycling! I feel fitter now than I have done at any time in the last 10 years.”
BetterPoints has definitely helped me to do this, I’m very motivated by prizes which has been a big help. I haven’t spent any of the BetterPoints I’ve earned yet, I’m letting them all pile up so I can really treat myself down the line.”

Well done to Cheryl, who has won 5,000 BetterPoints by sharing her story.

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